In the Ngakawau Gorge
[photograph: Jack Ross (2000)]

This site is intended as a clearing-house for information about the life and works of the late Reverend Leicester Kyle: environmentalist, poet, scientist and priest.

When Leicester died in 2006, he appointed David Howard and me as his literary executors. As a result, we inherited the two large fileboxes which contained (in approximate chronological order) all of the poems he wished to preserve. David was also able to make a copy of the latest state of his computer hard-drive at the time of his death, which has proved invaluable in compiling this index to his collected poems.

What I've done here, in an attempt to fulfill the trust Leicester placed in us, is to set up two companion sites, this one - Leicester Kyle - devoted to bibliographies and indexes, and the other - Leicester Kyle Texts - devoted to transcripts and facsimiles of his various books and poems. The first site aspires to provide complete listings of all primary and secondary material by and about Leicester; the second to be more selective: providing complete texts of each of the major books and a selection of the shorter poems.

It's our hope that these twin sites will grow over time. In particular, there are a number of works which we no longer have copies of - especially Leicester's various short stories and longer works of fiction. We'd be grateful to receive information about these or any other material we've overlooked. Copies of (or links to) other articles, photographs, reviews or tributes to Leicester would also be very welcome.

So be sure to check the Updates page on this blogsite, where new events or initiatives related to Leicester will be recorded as they come to hand ...

- Jack Ross, Mairangi Bay, July 2011-January 2013


  1. Koroneho: Joyful News out of the New Found World (1996-2001)

  2. Options (1996-1997)

  3. State Houses (1997)

  4. A Voyge to New Zealand: The Log of Joseph Sowry, Translated and Made Better (1997)

  5. Heteropholis (1998)

  6. A Machinery for Pain (1999)

  7. A Safe House for a Man (2000)

  8. Five Anzac Liturgies (2000)

  9. A Christmas Book (2000)

  10. The Great Buller Coal Plateaux: A Sequence of Poems (2001)

  11. King of Bliss (2002)

  12. A Wedding in Tintown (2002)

  13. Dun Huang Aesthetic Dance (2002)

  14. Things to Do with Kerosene (2002)

  15. 8 Great O’s (2003)

  16. Panic Poems (2003)

  17. Living at a Bad Address (2004)

  18. Miller Creek (2004)

  19. Anogramma (2005)

  20. Breaker: A Progress of the Sea (2005)

  21. Pamphlets & Ephemera (1996-2005)

  22. Collected Shorter Poems: 1 (1983-1995)

  23. Collected Shorter Poems: 2 (1995-1996)

  24. Collected Shorter Poems: 3 (1996-1997)

  25. Collected Shorter Poems: 4 (1997-1998)

  26. Collected Shorter Poems: 5 (1998-1999)

  27. Collected Shorter Poems: 6 (1999-2004)

  28. Collected Shorter Poems: 7 (2004-2006)

  29. The Galapagos Tracts (unpublished: c.1999-2006)

  30. God Poems (unpublished: c.2005)

  31. The Millerton Sequences (2014)

  32. Message from a Lightboard (unpublished: 1996)

  33. Uncollected Poems

  34. Prose Fiction

  35. Miscellaneous Prose

Secondary Literature:

Acknowledgements & Thanks
(in alphabetical order):

  • To Stu Bagby, for permission to reproduce his poetry sequence 'Letters to Leicester' (extracts from which were previously published in AUP New Poets 2 (2002);
  • To Dr Calum Gilmour of Polygraphia Press, for permission to reproduce the covers and publication details of his editions of A Safe House for a Man (2000) and Five Anzac Liturgies (2003);
  • To Dr Scott Hamilton, for permission to copy the various reviews and articles about LK from his blog Reading the Maps;
  • To David Howard, my co-literary executor, for his constant encouragement and for kicking off this project in the first place;
  • To Dr Bronwyn Lloyd, for help with the design and editing of LK's posthumous book of poems, Five Millerton Sequences; as well as permission to reproduce the cover and publication details of her Paper Table Novellas edition of Letters to a Psychiatrist (2017)
  • To Ian St George, for help with Koroneho and the Colenso side of LK's researches;
  • To Richard Taylor, for the loan of much valuable material from his unrivalled collection of LK manuscripts and letters;
  • & to all the other colleagues, critics, editors, fellow-poets & friends who've helped keep Leicester's legacy & work alive over the years.

The Buller Plateau
[photograph: Jack Ross (2000)]