Book Thirteen


1. Fa Hwa Sutra Story

2. Heavenly Palace Music and Dance


3. Thousand Hands Avalokitecvara


4. Heavenly Angel Scarf Dance


5. Offering Bodhisattva


6. Four Heavenly Kings


7. Sun & Moon Light Angels


8. Green Tara


9. Mandala


Commentary & References:

Letter to Jack Ross (22.11.02):

Dear Jack,

Here is the final and full copy of 'Dancing in the Cave', which I've eventually titled 'Dun Huang Aesthetic Dance'. Having done, there's not much that can be done with it, I fear, but you might be interested in the final form. I'll let it hang around for a time.

On Sunday I have a small book-launch: 'Things to do with Kerosene' has been printed, and turns out well. I'll send you a copy in December. The launch is here in my new garage, and is also a garage­-wetting to declare the garage a garage, and is also a belated acknowledgement of my sixty-fifth birthday. It will be a typical Millerton piss-up, with some invited not coming and some not-invited turning up anyway, and going on and on and on until it runs out of basic supplies. Some of the Buller Community Arts Council are coming, and some of the Buller Conservation Society, which is action-packed radical greenie. The two groups crossover, which is odd, and the members tend to look as if they live in Millerton, especially the Arts ones, who also have dangerous houses.

I spent Labour Weekend in Ch.Ch. with my oldest daughter, who wanted to revisit family sites of the past. I was able to catch up with a few of the poets, and in particular with David Howard, who was as pleasant as ever, though I fear I may have irritated him by declining an invitation to record some poems for some sort of posterity [the Aoteaora New Zealand Poetry Sound Archive, in point of fact - JR]; it seemed a poor way to spend a precious evening. I went to 'Antigone' instead, which turned out to be almost as poor - a student production given to portentous trivialities.

Last week I drove down to Hokitika to read some of my Plateau poems at an arts festival there. It promised to be a non-event, but instead was quite a rich and rewarding one, with a large and enthusiastic audience. A botanist had furnished a fine array of slides to back the poems, and all came happily together. Dave Ogle was the organiser, so the basis was pure chaos, but poetry and chaos seem often to feed off each other.

The weather is much improved, and I am having visitors every weekend, which is pleasant. My friends seem to have decided that, as I have now been here for some years and am still well and sane, I must be safe, so I am seeing people I've not seen for many years. I hope you and your parents are thriving, and that your work is doing well. If we don't meet this summer, I hope to come up to Auckland myself late next year, and will see you then, at the least.

Kind regards, Leicester

Leicester Kyle, Residential: Calliope Rd, Millerton, Ph. (03) 782 8608.
Postal: C/O Postal Agency, Ngakawau, Buller, New Zealand.

© Leicester Kyle, November 2002

Editorial Note

The copytext for the facsimile is my own copy of Leicester's original photocopied text. The initial copytext for the transcription comes from Microsoft Word files found on the hard-drive of Leicester's computer after his death, emended by reference to the facsimile.

- Jack Ross,
Mairangi Bay, March 2012.

© Leicester Kyle Literary Estate, 2012

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