Book Fifteen

8 Great O's




The text is an adaptation of the last page of a pious biography, ‘The Life of St. Mary tbe Harlot’, written by her uncle, Ephraem, deacon of Edessa, around the year 370.

‘The Word' is a family story.

The Great 0 's' is a term taken from the Advent liturgy.

Leicester Kyle


Commentary & References:

You might be interested in this. I've only done a few, for friends.

'The Word' is a cousin's story.

The photograph was one of me, that he kept by him.


© Leicester Kyle, 2003

Editorial Note

The copytext for the facsimile is my own copy of Leicester's original photocopied text. The initial copytext for the transcription comes from Microsoft Word files found on the hard-drive of Leicester's computer after his death, emended by reference to the facsimile.

- Jack Ross,
Mairangi Bay, March 2012.

© Leicester Kyle Literary Estate, 2012

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