Book Eleven


Leicester Kyle



This work concerns a psychotherapeutic event. The obsessive compulsion that features in it is one I once had a good deal to do with.

The clinic that had once been a brothel is one I knew well

Please note that there is no reference in this work to any actual person living or dead, other than myself. To a degree this is an essay in self-mockery.

Leicester Kyle

I Introduce Myself

The Second Therapy


The Third Therapy


The Fourth Therapy


The Fifth Therapy


The Sixth Therapy


Commentary & References:

Letter to Jack Ross (30/5/02):

C/O POstal Agency,

Dear Jack,

Here is 'King of Bliss'; also included is a developed text from 'Muir', the most interesting book that you gave me. The text much appealed to me, and you might find it suitable for inclusion in 'Brief'.

I have much enjoyed writing 'Bliss', and if you think it worth the trouble do take from it whatever you want for use in 'Brief'. You did ask for my Aunt Daisy poems, and though I have finished writing them they are not yet printed out, and I do not plan to do so until later in the year, when I shall develop them as my next Christmas book. Then, of course, you are most welcome to use them as you suggested. Twelve of them were read at the Ch.Ch. Poets Collective reading, and were well received.

Graham Lindsay and James Norcliffe both urge me to seek wider publication for my work, so I will send 'Bliss' out to a very few others and test the feedback. If that is good I might send the work to AUP or some other firm and see if they will accept it for commercial publication. However, I do realise that acceptance is unlikely, as so little of my work falls into a publishable category, being essentially too eccentric. Also, I do not see publication as a very desirable outcome, being content with the status quo.

My recent visit to Ch.Ch. went well, and I found myself feted and dined most happily, with Graham James David and others. I was invited to return a fortnight later, to deliver a poem at a public occasion in honour of a musician I knew, which I did, and again had a high time. Those are my public appearances for the year, and I now ready myself for the building that is about to come upon me - a new (double) garage, a new shed, and another room onto the back of the house for a laundry and for storage. In the meantime I keep writing, having completed a large work based on a 4th. century text ('8 Great O's'), and am contemplating another to do with quilting - it has a Chinese origin; Zukovsky and Niedecker have a bit to do with it. I also enjoy my dog.

All the best to you; please remember me to your parents, and I hope you continue in good health and creativity for the winter. We have here thunder, snow, sleet, hail, gales, and rain.

Kind regards,


© Leicester Kyle, May 2002

Editorial Note

The copytext for both facsimile and transcription is my own copy of Leicester's original photocopied text.

- Jack Ross,
Mairangi Bay, March 2012.

© Leicester Kyle Literary Estate, 2012

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