Book Eighteen

Miller Creek

Leicester Kyle

sketches by Joel Bolton



On the Buller Coal Plateaux mining, both underground and open cast, has disturbed large upland territories, and has released into the waterways chemicals and minerals which would otherwise stay locked in the rock.

Most of the creeks and larger rivers that have the Plateaux for catchment, are badly damaged by these poisons, some to the point of being unable to hold any life.

Given time, and good management, some of these creeks are able to self-heal to some degree. This is the story of one of these waterways, Miller Creek, which flows from out of the Old Dip mine, through Millerton, at the Plateaux’s northern edge.

Leicester Kyle,

Millerton, Buller. 2004.


Road and River

Miller Creek




Summer / Autumn




Published by Heteropholis Press

Further copies may be obtained from:
P.O. Box 367, Westport, Buller, New Zealand.

© Leicester Kyle, 2004

Editorial Note

The copytext for the facsimile is a set of pdf pages found on the hard-drive of Leicester's computer after his death. The initial copytext for the transcription comes from Microsoft Word files found on his computer, emended by reference to the facsimile.

- Jack Ross,
Mairangi Bay, March 2012.

© Leicester Kyle Literary Estate, 2012

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