Book Six





Leicester Kyle


During the course of 1998 I experienced a great deal of personal stress, through having to witness much suffering in those I loved. This became, for a time, so intense that it seemed hardly possible that life should continue for me in a reputable form.

From my anger and incomprehension at this torment there came this sequence of poems. In retrospect, it seems that my defence at the time was to mock pain, to shame it out of existence.

My thanks to Jack Ross and Nick Wester for help with research.

For Joseph, Michael, Anna, and Ruth.


Published by:Heteropholis Press,
C/O Postal Agency,
03. 7828608.
Copyright: the Author, Jan. 1999.
ISBN 0-473-05734-4

Commentary & References:

  • Note to Jack Ross (1/99):

    Is there space for a brief mention in 'Spin'? Copies may be had from me at $10.00 each.


  • © Leicester Kyle, January 1999

    Editorial Note

    The copytext for the facsimile is my own copy of Leicester's original photocopied text. The initial copytext for the transcription comes from Microsoft Word files found on the hard-drive of Leicester's computer after his death, emended by reference to the facsimile.

    - Jack Ross,
    Mairangi Bay, March 2012.

    © Leicester Kyle Literary Estate, 2012

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